We hear frequent references to “ethical fashion” and “sustainable fashion”. But what is sustainable fashion? We have prepared a simple description of sustainable fashion in this article. We’ll cover the topic of Ethical Fashion and its importance in the next article. Here are the details…


Sustainable fashion is fashion based mainly on eco-friendly materials. This means the use of animal leather, silk, fur, and exotic skins should be eliminated entirely. By using sustainable materials, we can protect nature. Sustainable materials are also known as recycled and environmentally friendly products.

We are facing a significant risk of losing many of the natural resources we’ve traditionally depended on. We all know this as information. When it comes to provoking healthy and eco-friendly material usage in clothing or vegan diet preferences, we often take appropriate action. But do we also apply these ideas to other aspects of our lives? This is a pretty important point to consider.

If you want to support sustainable fashion principles, there are some points that you should look for. One of them is a reliance on low impact natural materials. Organic materials are both healthy and durable, which means you can reflect your sustainable fashion style choices for over a longer period. These natural materials are fibers from hemp, linen, wool, etc. Also, organic cotton is a very good material to emphasize in your fashion choices. Unlike polyester, acrylic, and nylon, these fibers are easy to recycle.


Ethical fashion is the production of clothing that consciously uses materials and methods that don’t harm human health or the natural environment on which we ultimately depend. In addition, the important point here is that the ethical fashion consumer should look for an eco-friendly product certificate such as PETA.


We have just answered the questions “What is ethical fashion?” and “What is sustainable fashion?”. N’ONAT is a sustainable fashion brand centered on the social and environmental effects of fashion. It makes selecting and owning the most stylish clothes compatible with consumers’ recognition of the importance of environmental sustainability and fashion ethics. N’ONAT’s guilt-free vegan outerwear collection comprises one of the biggest luxury ethical fashion brand’s at an affordable price. Even the zippers of N’ONAT’s outerwear are made from recycled plastic. In addition, the N’ONAT sustainable fashion brand donates a portion of its revenues to PETA and UNICEF.

Nonat Atelier’s philosophy is rooted in a deep and thoughtful perspective. N’ONAT aims to accelerate and support consumers’ preference for sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We understand our customers want to both reflect their unique fashion sense and help save the beautiful planet on which we live. If you are looking for sustainable fashion trends, you can find the exact pieces right now from the web page of the brand here. Now is the right time to purchase your own sustainable and inspiring clothes.

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