Since the world is rapidly globalizing, the acceptance of important new ideas has accelerated. Cruelty free fashion is one of these ideas. By using this term to describe our motto, we mean that a consumer of clothing should use the purchase decision as an opportunity to serve a specific purpose, to advance and support that consumer’s personal priorities and beliefs. There are priorities such as designing eco-friendly clothes. As a recent approach, we may encounter such clothing products. As N’ONAT, we strongly support this approach and contribute to designing cruelty free fashion outerwear.


From the perspective of eco-friendly fashion, it is believed that use of non-toxic dyes is healthier than normal dyes (as implied by its name). In addition, metamorphosis belief and low-impact aim of the items of clothing are considered critical. The aim is to share the love and build a happy World together. Also, there is special emphasis on gaining happy workers.

So cruelty free fashion is a clothing approach that rejects the use of animal-derived material. In the last century, unfortunately, the use of leather, exotic skins, and fur was very trendy. But since it is now the 21st century which we can call a communication century, we have the chance to change this situation. As N’ONAT, we sincerely believe that it is crucial to warn all the brands to take action on this point as soon as possible.


Thinking individually may cause catastrophes in even just a few years. If we want to make the world a better place for humanity and nature, we need to be aware of such issues. Brands are responsible for their choices of material as well as the designs they offer. The fashion needs to be renewed with recycled or eco-friendly choices. That is what we can also call sustainable fashion or vegan fashion.


So, how to clothe in an eco-friendly way? The first step is to prefer clothes which do not include exotic skins of any kind. The skins of animals are beautiful on the animals, not on your coat! Just let the sables, minks, foxes, kangaroos, and other animals live. You can live without a snake skin handbag, but a snake cannot live without its skin.

The second step is to look for vegan leather on clothing. Your clothes may have leather of course, but this should be animal-free leather which we produce with sustainable materials. Also, vegan clothing avoids the use of wool, shearling, cashmere, and similar materials.

The answer to the question “How can we follow cruelty free fashion?” continues with special attention to avoidance of silk. From a biological view, silk is the fiber of silkworms. And from the environmental view, it offends nature.


If you also want to contribute further to the cruelty free clothing movement, you may also look for the PETA-Approved Vegan logo in the clothes you are about to buy. As N’ONAT, we use fur-free and cruelty-free materials in all of our products. We are prioritizing the use of eco-friendly materials. Also, we produce pretty, stylish clothes which are also pieces of sustainable fashion. You can find the unique fashionable items of clothing of N’ONAT in the Fall Winter 2021 Collection. Moreover, you can access the minimally designed coats here and place one in your wardrobe.

As N’ONAT, we produce the most stylish designs. The point that makes us special is that we attach great importance to the vegan approach to fashion. You can have a look at our products now and start to participate in the eco-friendly clothing movement, to protect nature and leave our children a better World. Now is the perfect time to pick your N’ONAT branded product from our collections.