About Us

NONAT launched in 2019 with an eco-friendly & cruelty-free outerwear collection that set new standards of quality and elegance for ‘slow fashion.’ NONAT’s sophisticated, timeless designs are executed with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

NONAT offers ‘classic’ garments that speak to its customers’ desire to live ethically while insisting on luxury and the highest quality in design, materials and production. As expressed by NONAT’s motto – “Purchase With Purpose” – NONAT customers are at the forefront of the ‘conscious consumer’ movement.

Nihan Onat Petree was for many years the Istanbul-based creative director, fashion designer and stylist for several famous global brands. Since coming to New York in 2014, she has committed herself to compassionate and socially responsible fashion.

Women today understand the fragility of the environment and the need to live sustainably. To protect the world our children will inherit, our way of living –including the choices we make as consumers– must change. NONAT customers express that consciousness in their fashion, home furnishing and other choices.

NONAT’s guilt-free vegan outerwear (in which even the zippers are made from recycled plastic) is at once luxurious and eco-friendly. The cottons used in other garments are organic.

NONAT’s commitment to compassionate, socially responsible fashion and sustainable lifestyles is reflected in its pledge to donate a portion of its revenues to PETA.